It’s not what we do “on stage” in our lives that we need to examine honestly but what goes on behind the “curtain”, i.e. “off stage”. This can make us hurt, cause us fear and make us angry. But this is also the keep to healing, overcoming, liberation, genuine personal responsibility and capacity for love and a new perspective on our behavior and actions.

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  • PSYCHOLOGICAL EMERGENCIES AND LIFE EVENTS (bereavements, severe illnesses, extraordinary situations)
    • Target groups: youth and adult clients
  • MENTAL ILLNESSES (anxiety, depression, adaptation disorders, etc.)
    • Target groups: youth and adult clients (incl. people struggling with growing older)
  • PROFESSIONAL CHALLENGES & CAREER CHANGES (from new goals to pathological issues like burn-out, bore-out, bullying, etc.)
    • Target groups: youth and adult clients
  • OFF-THE-STAGE COACHING for highly successful people who stand on real or virtual stages (actors, entrepreneurs, top managers, politicians) and do not always find it easy to achieve a balance between life on and off the stage. I help them to ask themselves the right questions.
    • Target groups: actors, public figures (with a strong media presence), social media influencers, entrepreneurs, top managers (with high levels of responsibility for their business and staff), politicians
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDIA CONSULTING (diagnosis and risk assessment for participants in shows; psychological production consulting; on-site expert and psychological support for large-scale productions)
    • Target groups: national and international media organizations((TV and streaming services)

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